Thursday, March 8, 2007

Pubic Lice off of Mormons Compared to Gorilla Lice

There are so many things in this New York Times article that makes me laugh.

First of all, we humans have three - count 'em - three species of lice: the head louse, the body louse, and the pubic louse. Meanwhile, those damned dirty apes, the gorillas, only have one: the gorilla louse . The gorilla louse is genetically most similar to our pubic louse, and I am using the "Royal We," people because - trust me - I don't have 'em.

Scientists in Salt Lake City took a bunch of pubic lice from a clinic there and compared the DNA to the gorilla lice. How did the coarse-hair loving gorilla louse evolve into the coarse-hair loving pubic louse? Was it sexual contact? As the article states, there must have been some really close contact here.

Anyway, I just love the fact that Mormon public lice were used for the comparisons.

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