Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chairman of the Joint Chiefths of Staffths

General Peter Pace, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that gays are "immoral." Therefore, they shouldn't be in the military. Like adulterous heterosexuals, gays should be removed from service immediately.

I just wanted to clear something up. Pound for pound, the following gays did more on the battlefield than this guy could ever dream of:

Richard I (1157-1199)
A towering man and his mother's favourite, the third son of Henry II earned the sobriquet the Lionheart for his campaigns in France and crusades in the Holy Land. He married but never had children.

TE Lawrence (1888-1935)
The novelist and soldier hailed as Lawrence of Arabia was renowned for his heroic role as a British liaison officer during the Arab Revolt of 1916-1918. He was also subject to rumours about other liaisons, particularly after a military colleague said he was hired to give Lawrence masochistic beatings. Poems include dedications to male friends while his writing, including his autobiographical account of his struggle in the Middle East, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, also contains richly homoerotic passages.

Alexander the Great(356BC-323BC)
The conqueror of the Persian empire and King of Macedon sported eyeliner and a leather miniskirt in the recent Oliver Stone film, which outraged audiences in the US. Alexander has long been claimed as a gay hero, although controversialists and revisionists have also variously portrayed him as a Freemason, a diabetic, a madman and the inventor of chess.

Field Marshal Montgomery (1887-1976)
Howls of outrage greeted claims by his authorised biographer that Britain's most famous commander in the second world war was a repressed homosexual. According to Nigel Hamilton, Monty, who was married, wrote letters to young boys he befriended betraying his homoerotic urges. Nancy Mitford recorded the surreal experience of meeting Monty at a postwar fashion show in Paris. Revisionist accounts of the lives of war heroes, including Lord Nelson, General Gordon and Robert Baden-Powell, have also made claims that they were homosexual.

Source: Patrick Barkham for The Guardian

We all know there are thousands more throughout history.

Sooner rather than later, we will discover that homosexuality is, in fact, a genetic variation.

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