Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Intersection of the Fleeting and the Permanent

Look But Don't Touch

As we travel throughout the world or the country in which we reside (some of us farther than others), we inevitably end up with tchotchkis. Little knick-knacks. Oftentimes plastic nonsense. Sometimes delectable in their kitschiness. Very often forgettable.

That is why Michael Hughes' recent photographic collection entitled "Souvenirs" makes me at once laugh out loud and swoon.

He managed to combine the plastic hilarity that is instant kitsch along with practical design: melding it to the landscape, to the built environment, to public art. It's as if the definition of fleeting (junk crap) is married to the permanent (the built world around us), if only for a moment.

It's sublime stuff.

Check out his gallery at FILE Magazine.

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