Wednesday, March 14, 2007

All around me, stimuli

Santiago, Chile #1

I awoke at 8:45 am thinking, What a lovely morning! . . . Why the hell do I see the sun?! . . . Oh, shit!

I overslept, by three hours!

Then I showered and dressed quickly, hurried and bought coffee, then took the Beltway, in the opposite direction: Beltway West toward Silver Spring. Goddamnit! There was a huge traffic jam: accident somewhere ahead. No movement. I took the right-most lane/shoulder and found my way back onto the northern exit toward I-95, and made a huge detour to get back onto East Lanes of the Beltway. I got into work at 10:00 am.

Now the heating of the place where I work is on, and it's about 70 degrees outside.

I am discombobulated.

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