Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Sometimes I have thoughts in my head. Usually I discuss these with people: the wife, the friend(s), or to no one in particular; hence, l'Blog.

Sometimes these thoughts are visual; at least, to me.

Big shout out to Phantom Kitty because I want my blog to be as cool as hers.

At times you will see some photography, but not always. For instance, I have submitted the photo on the right to JPG Magazine for publication. It may get accepted. Click on the image for more information how.

At other times, I will get my self-righteous cap on and be a big liberal whiner. No big whup.


walter said...

how about le blog, like those french cars?

bon bon said...

another sacrifice to the god's of spell check! woot!!

ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

If Jim Morrison can change "Latin America" to "l'America," then I can change "Le Blog" to "l'Blog."