Thursday, May 31, 2007

Introducing "IKEA Anna"

IKEA's online help is pretty lame. All I wanted to know was whether or not their EKTORP sofa came in dark brown leather. "BAS" and MJUK" doesn't tell me much.

So I got online and found their Anna-bot. She didn't adequately answer my initial question, so I thought I'd bring up old news regarding IKEA and NAZIs.


bon bon said...

that's the answer you got, really? holy crap that's hilarious!! i'm afraid i'm clueless about the nazi connection. it won't make me stop loving their meatballs in dingleberry sauce anyway.

walter said...

Allum Barstansangur said...

When I was still installing IKEA kitchens, there were plenty of complaints to us (the sub-contractors) about this useless helpbot.

It really is a poorly coded piece of crap chatbot with no real AI to speak of.

I once asked it for specific parts I required, gave the correct code numbers and everything and all it could come up with was...

"I suggest you use mapquest to find a store location" wtf?

Bad websites make baby Jesus cry, and then get mad and go all flaming DDoS sword on their ass.