Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin makes me LOL

I really hate hypocrisy. The Republicans excel at it. The Democrats are good, too, but in sheer masterful execution, the Republicans can't be beat.

Case in point: The nomination of this Sarah Palin character for the role of Vice-President.

The Washington Post has a great article out today about how she was hardly vetted by the McCain campaign to see if she was an adequate choice. Her selection process was so hurried (everyone else on the list took months of vetting) that McCain never even met with her face-to-face.

Why the hypocrisy? This is all about appeasing the cynical and brain-damaged Hillary Clinton freaks.

Let's not kid ourselves. Palin's decision is a desperate ploy to get supposedly independent voters for McCain. Cloaking this as if the Republicans actually care about women's social and political advancement is a crock o'shit.

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