Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Copper Sol

I am so tired of half-assed American political leadership. I have never felt so politically disenfranchised in my life. Or rather, I have never felt so utterly tired of America. Of course, I lay blame all of this on Bush and his cronies. Terrorism - the spread of Al-Qaedaesque terrorist organizations - has expanded in a seemingly exponential fashion since Georgie went into town (Iraq) blazin' away like some third-rate Hollywood cowboy. Moron.

This is all so depressing.

I sometimes feel like taking m'ladies and hunkering how into a bunker.

By "bunker" I mean Barcelona, however. Or some other city - large or small - along the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

Maybe I should sell my house, pay off some debt, and take the rest of the equity to pay for a modest apartment in the AndalucĂ­an coast. I know Carolina would love that.


Allum Barstansangur said...

Man, I don't think there's too many people who wouldn't want a place on the AndalucĂ­an coast.

Just imagine the pace of life there, the sea, the scenery, the weather and the awesome photos.

Plus the baba will grow up in one of the most beautiful places in Europe instead of watching the "new British empire under King George" crumble.

Spain = nationalised healthcare

Also a primo reason for going there but yeah, you'd miss arguing with religious fundies and political "morans"...hey though, that's what the interbutt is for!


Carolina said...

My love, we can go tomorrow if you want. I would love to do that. Why don't we just do it? Let's take the risk.
....... Sure f it was that easy!

But do you know what, it is good to day dream.
I love you.

Carolina said...

Mi amor, I love the idea. Let's take the risk; however, I will prefer to go to Andalucia.
Aaah! Musica, flamenco, comida, alegria, comunidad...... tantas cosas que podriamos experimentar.

What a nice dream! You made me day dream on that possibility.

I love you!

bon bon said...

i might fit in your suitcase...

ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

Kitty: What about Kensi and Nigel?

Pepper could use some friends...

bon bon said...

yay! we'll start a commune!